CupPeAd or Cup-Pe-Ad, doesn’t it sound so creative and inquisitive? With the world turning into a marketing globe, it has also reached to the daily tea or to be more specific daily drinking habits of the consumers. The reach and impact of this new found marketing technique is gigantic. The huge impact becomes obvious when the brand is the source of the gossip of its target audience whenever they think of a break – With break comes the thought of a quick tea or coffee or juices whatever is the preference of the consumers –  with these come the cups – with cups comes the “Brand.” Compared to other forms of advertising, this shortly found strategy already holds an upper hand with better time engagement of the consumers. The cup of tea keeps the consumer engaged for a minimum of 3 minutes and so is the brand, which would work 30 times better than a passing glance on a billboard on a rushy street. This out of the box advertising artistry has a wide scope of growth in near future; however it again depends on the agency to chose wisely the local tea\juice vendors nearest to the brand’s target audience. Now, the reach can be doubled if the schools and colleges’ canteens’ are also bought into the circle, as then the students can also be targeted. But it all depends on the source and contacts the agency has. With the proper execution this marketing strategy can change the position of the brand in the market.

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