Advertising is surely the soul of any Business, but choosing the right media is equally important. Choose THE RIGHT MEDIA FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

Different media available are:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Mobile Devices
  • Print Publications
  • Product Placement
  • Direct Mail
  • Sponsorship
  • Other Media Outlets

Media Outlets will continue to grow with new technologies coming up.

What works for one, may or may not work for other. So it is very important to know your requirement first. What exactly your purpose is.

ADVERTISING IS AN ART, NOT A SCIENCEOne simply need to take the effectiveness test of one’s message in each media, in order to find the best media for promoting it’s product.

THE FIRST TEST need to be done where monetary risk is at lowest. So that if things go as per plan, it won’t make much difference.

THE SECOND TEST should be done where the competitors are playing. They already know the market well, and the pros and cons of the media. It’s always better to risk in the known venture first, rather then exploring the unknown.

THE THIRD TEST can be done in the media that you believe will reach your target audience. For example – your target audience is kids belonging to age group 6-12, then you should go for Television Advertising as this age group spend more time in television then in any other place.

THE FORTH TEST may look upon ways that can increase the traffic in your website. This is one of the most powerful ways to increase business, because your website is your identity. Website gives a brief idea about your product or service and your company.

Before you go for any tests, make sure your message is clear, which you want to convey to the audience. Because this is one of the biggest mistake company does. They spend ample of money in advertising but cannot revert in sales, because of the same mistake. You need to be very clear about your message while advertising.

Media Signpost Shows Internet Television Newspapers Magazines And Radio

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