India and it’s politics saw a dark day recently. The day when Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave up his last breath.

Our former prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a man who truly gave the meaning to the phrase “a gem of a man”. And no, the accolades, the achievements, the awards don’t make him this. It was the sheer love he had towards his country and its citizens like you and me.

Politics is always considered a very dirty field and the consideration is not entirely false but Atal ji begged to differ.

He seldom had a dirty approach towards politics and stayed as transparent to the citizens of India as possible. A man with dignity, and a never ending charm who was equally loved by the citizens of India as much as he loved them.

For any person who has seen him during his tenure, can tell that his humility was unmatched. Every voice and every opinion that wanted itself to be heard, Atal Ji was there to be the ears.

Atal Ji, a renowned poet too, wrote a poem years back called “A Battle with Death” A short part of the poem, originally in Hindi, goes like this.

A battle with death!
What a battle it will be!

I had no plans to take her on, We had not agreed to meet at that curve,
Yet there she stood, blocking my path
Looming larger than life.

How long does death last? A moment, perhaps two —
Life is a sequence, beyond today and tomorrow.
I have lived to the full, I will die as I choose, I will return, I have no fear of letting go.

This poem shows how fearless a man can be understanding that death will come to him also someday.

Today, we are so busy making fun of our leaders , our politicians, day in and day out. But one thing, every Indian knows, he was a man who commanded respect with his humility, love for others and charm. And to an extent that even his opponents never disrespected him.

India has lost a gem.

India has lost Atal Bihari Vajpayee – an Undisputed Leader

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