India has always been known for it’s human resource.

We churn out a large number of engineers, doctors, lawyers and graduates proficient in their chosen fields, who later go on to climb organisational hierarchies in some of the world’s most reputed organisations and showcase just how developed as a nation we are in terms of education.

We can boast to have borne some of the world most influential mathematicians, logicians, authors, poets, scientists etc.

This week however, the junior Education Minister Satyapal Singh, has finally made himself the best example to show case exactly what is wrong with our country when it comes to education system.

He was quoted to have said, “Darwin’s theory (of evolution of humans) is scientifically wrong. It needs to change in school and college curriculum. Ever since humans came to Earth, they have always been humans,”.

Instead of saving himself and our country some embarrassment he goes on to say that “Nobody, including our ancestors, have said or written that they ever saw an ape turning into a human being. No book we have read or the tales told us by our grandparents had any such mention.”

Now there are two things fundamentally wrong with this picture –

Firstly Mr.Singh is supposed to be a retired IPS officer, which begs the question of how did he pass the notoriously difficult and prestigious exam and given that he did pass, is this the level of intelligence we should expect from the people who speak for the general masses.

Secondly, and more importantly, how did this gentleman become the junior Education Minister.

As a country, we put ever so much faith into our ancient texts and edicts often forgetting, that while our theories might not be a 100% accurate, others around the world have discovered a great many things that have been proved, being blinded by ignorance does not behove us or any of the future generations.

We as a nation must put our prejudices both religiously and socially aside if we would like to remain a known source of an intelligent and capable human resource, and put men like Mr. Singh on display to show people that we do not suffer fools gladly.

This man has no business being around any study curriculum given his clear lack of knowledge. Arguing comes to politicians easily, however knowing when to argue and what to argue for is of uttermost prudence.

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