Mahalaya, which marks the beginning of Devi-Paksha and the end of the Pitri-Paksha (the Shradh or the mourning period) is an auspicious day for Bengalis, who celebrate it with much enthusiasm. Mahalaya is observed seven days before the Durga Puja.

This day also holds a special meaning for Hindus, who perform the ritual of Tarpan (offering). Men clad in dhotis go to the banks of the river Ganga and offer prayers to their deceased forefathers and perform pind-daan.

The holy occasion of Mahalaya is the first day of Durga Puja or Navratri that will start on 19th September, 2017 and end on 30th September, 2017.


19th September – Mahalaya 2017

25th September – Maha Panchami 2017

26th September – Maha Sashti 2017

27th September – Maha Saptami 2017

28th September – Maha Ashtami 2017

29th September – Maha Navami 2017

30th September – Maha Dashmi 2017


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