Printing Industry in the Growing Digital World

Printing Industry in the Growing Digital World

Digitization is the key concept in the contemporary era. In almost every sector, growth and progress of the industry is measured by the degree of digitization. The application of that digitization may not be equally implemented in all the sectors everywhere, but, with due course, it gradually makes its mark. And yet we see the importance of printing industry in the growing digital world.

In this 21st century, we can’t ignore the importance and our gradually increasing dependability on the power of networking and internet. Through its immense power of connectivity, it has succeeded in connecting the entire world on a global public domain.

Therefore, we can understand the impact the digital world. No business, of this time, can thrive by keeping itself aloof from this digital trend. Advertisement is the primary key concept of business. So, having an online presence, creates business credibility, in today’s world. Without that presence, more than 50% of the business is lost, because, these days, the primary business decision of a consumer, begins with an internet search. All the brand promotion agencies, digital marketing agencies, advertising agencies and even the printing agencies, have adapted to this trend to keep pace with the world.

But, in spite of such digitization craze, the printing industry has not lost all its significance. Even today, there exists many places across the world, where the availability of network becomes an issue, because of lack of proper infrastructure. So, for reaching out to the residents of those places, print media remains the only option. There are several methods of printing advertisements. Firstly, newspaper advertising is the chief form among this sector. It can at once reach out to a wide range of customers. Then comes advertisements through magazines. A specialist magazine has the capacity to reach the target with ease. Similar is the case with journal advertisements too. Apart from these, diaries, calendars, letterheads, visiting cards, if utilized properly, can also become strong platforms of advertisement through printing. A print media is responsible for reporting accurate information.

There are 5 most common elements of designing through a print media. First, is called ‘header’ – also called ‘title’, which, by its uniqueness, attracts the reader’s attention towards the actual subject. Then comes image. A colorful stylized image is a very strong factor of printed advertisement. Then comes the body – the actual subject matter of the advertisement. The fourth stage is call to action. And then, last but not the least, contact information. This contact information is required to associate public at large into the domain of the business. The public is treated to be potential customers and efficient business tactics can turn them into customers.

Most important advantages of print media includes – engagement, loyal readership, pass along exposure, longevity and credibility. Longevity is one of the very important factors because, a printed article or advertisement can be preserved for years together and can be referred to the hard copy as per requirement in future. It can be read over and over, focusing on the details.

Adopting to the digital trend, print media has incorporated, within itself, several new factors, like expertise in editing with digital technology, offset printing, etc. all these factors have further strengthened this mode of marketing strategy. So, rather than losing importance, print media has become more relevant, in terms of connectivity and technology, keeping pace with this contemporary digital trend. Hence proving the importance of printing industry in the growing digital world.



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