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  • Made from Monomer Ethylene Thermoplastic LDPE Material.
  • 55 Micron Thick Heavy Duty        
  • Biodegradable with POD
  • Self Sealable (permanent)
  • Leakage and Tamper Proof
  • Fast Decomposable           
  • Multiple Size Options Available
  • Easy to write with permanent marker      
  • Black layer inside hides items inside

Minimum Order Quantity - 1000 piece of any size (without print)

Available sizes of courier pouches with POD:

Customization Available:

  • Minimum Order Quantity – Variable
  • Flexo/Gravure Printing (Depends on Qty & Size) 

Available Size:

1. Width: 4.5in X Length: 9in
2. Width: 6in X Length: 8in
3. Width: 7in X Length: 10in
4. Width: 8in X Length: 10in
5. Width: 8in X Length: 12in
6. Width: 10in X Length: 12in

7. Width: 10in X Length: 14in
8. Width: 12in X Length: 14in
9. Width: 12in X Length: 16in
10. Width: 14in X Length: 18in
11. Width: 16in X Length: 20in
12. Width: 18in X Length: 24in

*Plus 2inch Flap

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